Marushin Double Derringer (Silver)

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  • An incredibly unique, fun to shoot pistol!
  • A double barrelled single shot pistol from Marushin, based up on the famous pocket pistol.
  • Incredibly small and lightweight, coming in at only 215g the Derringer is a fantastic novelty pistol, with great build quality.
  • Tough ABS plastic construction with a slick silver finish.
  • Holds a maximum of two BBs at a time, one in each of the two barrels.
  • This is a single action pistol, so the hammer needs to be cocked before each shot.
  • The barrel assembly hinges open to allow you to load BBs.
  • The pistol cycles between the two barrels in sequence as the hammer is cocked each time.
  • Gas is charged through the valve on the base of the grip. Standard green gas or 134/144a gas works fine.
  • Fires at: 220fps
  • Weighs: 215g
  • Length: 125mm

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