Osway Gear Army Duffel Bag - 25x80cm

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SKU bag_oswyduffbag
  • An incredibly handy bag to have. 
  • These duffel bags, also known as seabags or "ditty" bags have a 25cm base with an 80cm height allowing it to hold bucket loads of gear.
  • Made from extremely tough cotton canvas with four loop holes at the top for drawstring closure.
  • A top flap is sown into the opening of the bag, allowing you to cover its contents and then draw the opening closed.
  • A metal loop can be passed through any of the four loops and locked in place.
  • Bag also sports two shoulder straps allowing you to comfortably carry the bag on your back, as well as a single carry handle.
  • Features an Army character print on the side. 


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