Prometheus Hard Piston Next Generation New Ver.2

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  • This is almost certainly the best upgrade piston available for the TM Recoil range of rifles, with 4 hardened steel reinforcement teeth as well as reinforcement along the remaining conventional polymer teeth, and even has the 1st-tooth removed to allow for correct piston engagement.
  • With care, material selection and design, Prometheus has made a low friction, high wear resistance, high impact resistant piston.  
  • Driving the power source and recoil engine, the gears and piston take the heaviest load in the gearbox and this is magnified when upgrading the Marui Next Gen series. 
  • The Prometheus Hard Pistons have been developed through extensive testing of different combinations of materials, processes and treatments for maximum durability.
  • Please note this piston can only be used in conjunction with the matching MAX Torque Gear set.
  • These pistons will only work with the guns listed below.
  • Confirmed To Fit -
  • Tokyo Marui - HK416 Next Generation Recoil Shock Rifle Series.
  • Tokyo Marui - M4 Next Generation Recoil Shock Rifle Series.
  • Tokyo Marui - HK417 Next Generation Recoil Shock Rifle.

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