TekMat 21-Piece Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

by TekMat
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  • The 21-Piece Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit is a roll-style gun cleaning kit that comes with everything you need to maintain your firearm. Included are brushes, jags, and slotted tips to clean everything from a .22 caliber, all the way up to a .45 caliber and everything in between. 
  • Also included is a high quality aluminum handle with an easy swivel, two sizes of cotton patches, a bottle of solvent and a bottle of oil. 
  • All parts have a labeled location on the mat and durable elastic will ensure everything stays organized and in place. 
  • The kit easily rolls up and is very convenient to take with you with the included carry bag.  
  • For use with real steel firearms only!
Kit contains:
  • Aluminum Handle x1
  • Brass Rod 5mm x 23cm x1
  • Plastic Bore Guide x1
  • .22 Caliber Brush x1
  • .357/9mm Brush x1
  • .40/10mm Brush x1
  • .45 Brush x1
  • .22 Caliber Jag x1
  • .357/9mm Jag x1
  • .40 Jag x1
  • .45 Jagx1 
  • Small Brass Slotted Tip x1
  • Med Brass Slotted Tip x1
  • Large Brass Slotted Tip x1
  • 2" X 3" Cotton Patch x25
  • 1 1/2" X 3" Cotton Patch x25
  • Small Bottle Of Solvent x1
  • Small Bottle Of Gun Oil x1
  • Nylon Utility Brush x1
  • TekMat Cleaning Mat (24"w x 12"h) x1
  • Carry Bag x1

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