Tokyo Marui AA-12 Shotgun

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  • The much anticipated, tri-shot, triple-barreled, fully automatic electric shotgun from Tokyo Marui!
  • The externals are made from super-tough, high quality ABS with lots of metal parts.
  • It's best to think as the AA-12 as an AEG with a proprietary electric gearbox. It has the ability to fire three BBs at a time at 30 BBs per second!
  • Accepts a standard 8.4V small-type battery in the rear of the stock.
  • Sports three internal barrels with three individually adjustable hop-up units allowing a multitude of simultaneous BB trajectorys. 
  • Exceptionally heavy and imposing, coming in at 4.4kg in weight and 840mm in length.
  • Ships with a standard box-style magazine which accepts approximately 90 BBs.
  • The magazine slides in and out with ease thanks to the magazine guide rail that doubles as a trigger guard and hand protector.
  • Contrasting silver controls and sights looks fantastic against the matt black body.
  • Pulling back on the bolt handle opens the ejection port, exposing the three seperate hop-up adjustment controls.
  • Shoots approx 250fps per BB.
  • In stock right now!
  • Magazines available here and drum mags available here.
  • Battery and charger not included.

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