Tokyo Marui Custom Hurricane/Marui SIS 1911 Pistol

SKU pis_custsismeu
  • 1 week build lead time.
  • Built in-house at AirsoftEire, this is a pre-assembled Hurricane SIS Conversion kit mated to a brand new Tokyo Marui MEU 1911. The result is one of the best looking 1911s you will ever see.
  • This kit is specially produced by Hurricane to match the LAPD's Special Investigations Section's 1911. Only a limited number of these kits are produced annually.
  • Aluminium slide and frame and with genuine Kimber markings.
  • Sports a polished steel barrel which gives the pistol an exceptional weight.
  • SIS serrations in the slide give the pistol a fantastic look.
  • A matt grey finish is present across the slide and frame, with authentic Kimber markings laser engraved in both.
  • Steel slide lock, safety levers, magazine release and lanyard.
  • Sports a beefed up 150% recoil spring.
  • Built with a brand new Tokyo Marui MEU pistol and comes in an original MEU camoflage lined box.
  • Original Marui MEU 1911 silver magazine.
  • We pre-test and fire 30-40 BBs through the pistol to ensure smooth operation after assembly. Miniscule slide marks may be visible on the ejection port.
  • If you would like a collector's, "never fired" piece, we can assemble one for you on request, however proper cycling cannot be guaranteed.
  • Priced with the build essentially included for free.

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