Tokyo Marui Full Auto Tracer Unit

SKU 4952839178466
  • Relaunched in September 2016, this tracer unit is commonly regarded as the brightest and best quality on the market.
  • Requires x4 AAA batteries to operate, sold seperately.
  • Has both automatic power-off and low power detection features.
  • Outer shell and end cap is of metal construction, with a quality black powdercoated finish and a knurled grip area.
  • Features an on/off toggle switch at the rear of the unit for ease of use.
  • The inner compartment unscrews from the outer metal shell, which allows insertion of x4 AAA batteries.
  • Measures in at 156x37mm.
  • Authentic silencer look.
  • The tracer unit operates by detecting the movement of a BB though the unit, and activating the high intensity UV LEDs for a split second, illuminating the tracer BB as it passes though.
  • Tracer unit features counter-clockwise threads (14mm) for attachment to virtually all AEGs.
  • Tracer BBs available in our BBs & Gas section.
  • Includes a sample of 100 high quality Marui tracer BBs.

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