Tokyo Marui G34

SKU gbb_marg34GLOCK
  • New for 2016, this is the much awaited G34 from Tokyo Marui.
  • Considerably longer than a standard G17, it accepts standard G17/18 magazines and sports a ported slide and extended slide release.
  • Super high quality ABS construction with ported slide design.
  • Authentic engravings on both the slide and frame.
  • Realistic size and weight all round.
  • Semi automatic blowback operation.
  • 205mm slide length making this quite a large pistol. Despite the longer outer barrel, it houses a standard 100mm inner barrel.
  • Working trigger safety like the real Glock.
  • Disassembles just like the real steel.
  • Internal hammer assembly.
  • Adjustable hop-up inside ejection port.
  • Lower accessory rail.
  • Sports an accurised adjustable rear sight, with rounded edges.
  • Takes standard 134a and green gas. Green gas recommended below temperatures of 20 Celsius.
  • Fires at approx 290fps.
  • Full metal magazine holds 25 rounds and the pistol can take standard Marui G17 magazines.
  • 50rd extended magazines available, here.
  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 718g
  • Length: 205mm


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