Tokyo Marui M4 Patriot High Cycle

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  • Tokyo Marui's new M4 Patriot is the latest addition to their High Cycle range.
  • Being a High Cycle model, this AUG shoots at a hugely impressive 25 rounds per second with a standard 8.4V battery!
  • Marui have specced this model with their latest EG30000 high speed motor, to produce the massive rate of fire.
  • Very realistic, tough ABS plastic construction, mimicking the polymer body of the real steel AUG. 
  • Lots of high quality metal parts, including the sling mounts, dust cover, bolt catch, barrel assembly and flash hider, charging handle and front and rear sights.
  • The railed handguard is made from tough ABS plastic with a slick matt finish.
  • Front and rear sights are mounted on the top rail and are fully adjustable and removable.
  • Adjustable hop-up located behind ejection port cover.
  • Includes a quality 190 round magazine, which keeps up with the colossal rate of fire.
  • Note: Takes small-type 8.4V battery in stock. However it MUST be a Tokyo Marui 8.4V battery as 8.4V small/minis from other brands do not fit into the allocated space in the handguard.
  • The handguard is unlocked with a single switch on the underside of the rail allowing for easy battery fitment. 
  • Only an 8.4V battery should be used; using any other kind of battery will produce a rate of fire the gun was not designed to produce and will void your warranty.
  • Large automatic drum magazine available here.
    • Fires at: 260fps
    • Weighs: 1.8kg
    • Length: 455mm
    • Battery: Small-type 8.4V, 1100-2000mAh Tokyo Marui brand

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