Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior

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  • A very aggressive looking 1911 variant from Tokyo Marui.
  • The Tokyo Marui Strike Warrior is built upon a gas blowback 1911 platform, with extensive modifications.
  • It used a Detonics slide and outer barrel but the Strike face standoff device gives it a comparative length of a Hi-Capa 4.3.
  • Primarily made from quality ABS plastic, with lots of metal parts.
  • The trigger guard is squared off so when using proper trigger discipline it's much more comfortable for the trigger finger then the spindly little thing on the standard 1911. 
  • The Strike pistol has a very aggressive-looking front end which actually serves a purpose on real steel models. In close combat, it is possible that the weapon may be pressed up against a target and this may push the slide out of battery. The stand-off device allows contact in combat but the slide remains in full battery, allowing operation. 
  • In Airsoft, this is important as failure to full battery can result in diminished performance of the shot and failure to cycle or not shooting at all.
  • This weapon is clearly styled in the spirit of the CQC Operator. 
  • The frame features 70mm of an accessory rail for the aftermarket addition of lasers and flashlight modules.
  • Adjustable hop-up.
  • Working grip safety and slide lock.
  • Full semi-automatic blowback operation.
  • Includes 28 round, brushed metal magazine.
  • Single action operation, just like the real steel.
  • Takes standard 134a or green gas.
  • Fires at: 300.0fps
  • Weighs: 812g
  • Length: 220.0mm


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