Tokyo Marui V10 Ultra Compact - Silver

SKU 4952839142894
  • The V10 Ultra Compact gas blowback airsoft pistol from Tokyo Marui.
  • This is a faithful airsoft reproduction of the V10 pistol with Novak slide.
  • Main Features: Large-diameter cylinder: A larger than normal 15mm gas cylinder for larger gas displacement.
  • Also equipped with a blowback system based on the M45A1 blowback engine, producing improved performance and a powerful blowback.
  • Unique V port: Reproduces 10 open ports in a coned outer barrel, visible through the ported slide.
  • Realistic texture: The slide and frame has a parting line treatment and two surface finishes with different textures on the sides and the rest. It accurately reproduces the difference in the surface finish applied to the real V10.
  • Die-cast rear site officially approved by Novak.
  • Micro sight base included: With the micro sight base you can fit the Tokyo Marui pistol micro sight in place of the rear sight without any other modification (red dot sight not included).
  • Metal notch spacer: The metal parts inside the slide receive the load when the slide is opened, preventing the slide stop and the notch from being worn down or damaged.
  • Includes a nicely finished 22 round magazine.
  • Fires at: 290fps
  • Weighs: 712g
  • Length: 190mm

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