ULTIMATE 6.03mm Precision Barrel - 509mm

SKU bar_ul509mm
  • Ultimate barrels are built to give optimal target grouping and shooting performance.
  • The barrels are made from high density steel which minimises wobble and vibration during fully automatic fire due to their increased weight.
  • 6.03mm inner diameter gives the best combination of performance and feeding reliability.
  • They also sport a cone-shaped tip which controls the airflow around the BB as it leaves the barrel, allowing for a completely straight trajectory.
  • Each barrel under goes a special surface treatment to minimise the built up of dirt and corrosion.
  • Sports the Ultimate logo stamped on the outside.
  • This barrel is 509mm in length and is suitable for M14/AUG/G36 models or any other AEG with an approximate length of 509mm.
  • Comes packed in a clear plastic tube with care instructions.

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