ULTIMATE High Speed V.2 M100 Gearbox - Wired To Front

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  • This is a version 2 gearbox, suitable for M16/M4/Defender 4 variants.
  • These gearboxes comprise of numerous high end parts that work seamlessly together.
  • Standard gearboxes are produced with regular shimming of the gears and made in large numbers with basic components to keep costs down. ULTIMATE gearboxes are precision assembled by skilled technicians to ensure the tolerance of the mechanical parts is balanced to minimise friction.
  • Every technician even makes sure that every ULTIMATE gearbox performs and sounds like a well-oiled piece of machinery.
  • Comes standard with an ULTIMATE M100 spring for power right up at 1 joule and a high speed gear ratio of 16:1.
  • The gearbox contains all the parts you see in this section, including a metal bearing guide rod, low friction ported cylinder, precision cylinder head, chromium plated 8mm bearing gearbox, low resistance silver wiring, ported aluminium piston head and reinforced steel tooth piston.
  • All parts are lubricated with minimal transparent synthetic grease.
  • These gearboxes have an extremely high rate of fire when coupled with a 9.6v NIMH. We do not recommend the use of an 11.1v LiPo battery if you want reliability. We do not warrant stripped pistons or gear teeth caused by the use of these batteries.
  • All gearboxes have a unique serial number etched on the side.
  • View our entire range of ULTIMATE parts here.

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