Umarex Beretta M9 A3 Full Metal CO2 - Black

by Umarex
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  • Another phenomenally realistic airsoft pistol from a real-steel brand!
  • The Beretta M9A3, the latest arrival in the legendary M9 family, is designed on the basis of requests from law enforcement and military forces.
  • It's designed to offer the performance required of military and armed forces personnel in all tactical contexts.
  • Reliable. Safety. Precise.
  • Exceptionally heavy and realistic, with full metal frame, barrel and slide as well as all controls. Comes in at over 1.07kg.
  • The Beretta M9A3 offers all those features required by combat professionals in the most delicate situations and the airsoft model is no different.
  • The new gun design features a slimmer handle making it easier to grip by nearly all users.
  • It sports a threaded barrel for suppressor attachment, along with a protective knurled cap.
  • Larger magazine release button makes it easier to operate with gloves.
  • Picatinny guide MIL-STD-1913 rail system for accessory attachment.
  • Sport more knurling on the front and on the back of the handle for superior grip.
  • As this is is an officially licensed Beretta product, it sports genuine Beretta emblems and stamped markings on the slide, frame and grips.
  • Black in colour.
  • CO2 powered. Requires standard 12g CO2 capsules. CO2 is loaded into the removable magazine. Magazine is completely black in colour, matching the pistol.
  • Unique adjustable hop-up system with horizontally adjusted rotary dial.
  • 22 round magazine capacity.
  • An absolute must for military/pistol aficionados.
  • Fires at: 325fps
  • Weighs: 1.073kg
  • Length: 225mm

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