WE Mauser M712 Pistol & Stock - With Markings

by WE
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  • The WE M712 'Broomhandle' is a select fire pistol in full metal with wood effect plastic handle grips and a detachable wood effect plastic stock that also works as a case.
  • The pistol itself is made almost entirely from metal and comes in at 940g with the magazine inserted.
  • Magazine release is located on the right side of the frame.
  • Charging slide is located on the rear top of the pistol.
  • Cycling the slide cocks the hammer; the slide also cycles with every shot.
  • What a blowback system! Despite using green gas, this pistol has an incredibly strong blowback, comparable to CO2. It really kicks hard in your hand!
  • Ejection port opens and closes with each shot.
  • Selectable semi and fully automatic fire, adjustable with the fire selector located on the left side of the frame.
  • The stock/case attaches to the bottom of the pistol grip and locks in place.
  • The stock is easily detached with a sliding locking lever. Once removed, you can open the rear end of the stock and insert the pistol for safe storage.
  • Very convincing wood grain finish on the stock and pistol grip.
  • Adjustable rear sights.
  • This is the Chinese imported version of the C96, with Chinese markings on the right side of the frame.
  • Fires at: 320fps
  • Weighs: 940g
  • Length: 305mm (pistol only)

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