Yeti Wurks Scorpion Evo III Denali QD Point - Black

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  • Yeti Wurks have yet another excellent upgrade for the Scoprian Evo.
  • The Denali front QD point allows the attachment of Quick Detach loops and slings to improve the ease of use of Slings on the weapon. 
  • The Mount is constructed from 630 Alloy Stainless Steel, and is completed with a rugged Quench polish quench (QPQ) technique to give it a great finish. 
  • The mount is designed for the Real Steel Version of the Scorpion Evo, but thanks for ASG's absolute attention to detail it also fits on the Airsoft Version too, meaning the same tried and tested, durable parts, can be used for Airsoft too! 
  • The Mount replaces the existing sling loop on the Evo, making it easier to attach and remove slings with the push of a button, and opens up the rifle to a wider range of Aftermarket Slings.
  • The mount is easy to fit, and is as easy as simply popping out the Stock Sling Mount and replacing it with this Upgraded Variant. 
  • This is the perfect purchase for any Airsoft Skirmisher who owns a CZ Scorpion Evo, and is simply a must have product.

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