Crye Precision Modular Rigger's Belt MRB 2.0 - Multicam

SKU 28010 TMH
  • The MRB™ 2.0 (MODULAR RIGGER'S BELT) is a lightweight, low-profile belt system that comfortably carries your critical gear and holds up your pants.
  • It’s a lot more versatile than a typical rigger’s belt and a lot less bulky than a typical load carriage belt.
  • It’s configurable in multiple ways to facilitate your unique needs. It helps you move some gear off your vest and onto your hips for less back fatigue.
  • The VELCRO® face of the INNER BELT allows OUTER BELTS to quickly attach/detach without having to remove pants belt.
  • Made in the US from US materials.

  • There are two main ways to configure the system to suit any operational need:
    Keep the INNER BELT attached to the OUTER COVER for a very stable and integrated set-up.
  • Wear the INNER BELT as separate low-profile pants belt for quick donning

  • Multiple pistol mounting options (on INNER BELT, on OUTER COVER and on OUTER BELT).
  • Ergonomically shaped for long wearing comfort.
  • Extremely light and low bulk.
  • MOLLE compatible OUTER COVER opens on both sides to accommodate holsters.
  • INNER BELT functions on its own as a great ultra-low-profile pants belt.

Size chart can be found here.

Specification Sheet can be found here. 

Operator's Manual can be found here.

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