EMG International Taran Tactical Pit Viper GBB Pistol - Semi/Full Auto

by EMG
  • This is the EMG International, fully licensed version of the JW4 2011 Pit Viper select fire pistol.
  • As per the images, this ships in the beautifully presented, weighty teal coloured box with the joint partnership between EMG and Taran Tactical printed on the front.
  • A heavy pistol, coming in at 1.045kg with the magazine inserted.
  • Sports Taran Tactical insignia stamped on the side of the slide, as well as on the base of the flared magazine well and magazine base.
  • 1:1 scale of the real steel model, it sports the characteristic side-ported slide and compensator muzzle of its famous movie counterpart.
  • Featured prominently in the John Wick 4 movie.
  • Selectable semi and fully-automatic blowback operation. The slide kicks and recoils with every shot and locks open once the magazine runs empty. 
  • A quality replica with lots of metal parts, including the slide and frame, outer barrel, hammer, trigger, slide release, magazine release, compensator, safety levers and grip safety.
  • Contrasting bronze coloured outer barrel and hammer for a cool, slick look.
  • The slide sports the same aggressive slide serrations front and back, for easy grip and manipulation of the slide.
  • The grip sports lighter stippling than the Army Armament models, which is a little less aggressive to the touch.
  • The trigger is also a silver skeletal design compared to the black AA trigger.
  • Adjustable hop-up system on the underside of the barrel.
  • Includes a single 30rd magazine.
  • As this is the select fire model, the right side safety lever is actually the fire selector. The left side lever functions as the safety as normal.
  • Lower accessory rail allows the attachment of a variety of aftermarket accessories like flashlights or lasers.
  • 144a gas is recommended for temperatures over 18 degrees C. Green gas for under.
  • Compatible with Amomax 5.1 holster (a little tight) or the Amomax universal holster (perfect fit).
  • Extended magazine available here. Standard capacity magazine available here.
    • Fires at: 320fps (144a)
    • Weighs: 1.045kg
    • Length: 260mm

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