by HFC
SKU 31618
  • An incredibly popular airsoft gun, with a colossal rate of fire!
  • Powered by green gas, it is one of the highest rate of fire gas powered pistols on the market, shooting at over 1200 rounds per minute.
  • A very heavy piece, coming in at 1460g with the magazine and suppressor included.
  • Top notch finishing makes this look convincingly real.
  • Semi and full-auto fire selectable.
  • Insert your loaded magazine, pull back on the bolt and the gun is now ready to fire. Fires from an open bolt just like the real steel.
  • Standard 50 round magazine can be emptied in under 3 seconds.
  • Extendable metal stock.
  • Takes green gas.
  • Bolt and ejection port cover blow back with every shot.
  • Scope mount available here.
  • Not recommended for first time users. This is a maintenance heavy pistol and regular partial disassembly is required for lubrication purposes.
  • Ensure you are shooting at temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius and your BBs are in a proper staggered formation inside the magazine before shooting.
  • Fires at: 285fps
  • Weighs: 900g (Main body) 1460g (Including magazine & suppressor)
  • Length: 230-458mm

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