Tokyo Marui Saiga SBS Shotgun & x1 Extra Magazine

  • With this combo package, you get the SBS magazine bundled with the gun inside the retail box and a second retail packaged SBS magazine. Two magazines total.
  • New for 2024, the Saiga-12 SBS from Marui is a gas powered semi-automatic airsoft shotgun capable of firing 3 BBs simultaneously per trigger pull, resulting in the bolt blowing backwards and loading the next three BBs automatically, ready for the next trigger pull.
  • It differs from the full size Saiga 12 in that is has both semi and full auto capability. It also sports a dedicated railed front handguard with an array of 20mm accessory rails, which are also removable.
  • It is equipped with a Saiga-exclusive blowback engine that uses a large piston with a 19mm diameter. The bolt cycles with each shot, resulting in a considerable recoil to each shot.
  • The SBS model has a shorter 7.5" outer barrel, totalling 9" including the new aluminium flash hider.
  • On the last rounds fired, the bolt stays locked in the rearward position just like the real thing. This feature can be disabled if you wish to dry fire the gun.
  • Takedown procedure is the same as the real thing. Regular maintenance is required just like with any other GBBR. Having a variety of silicone oils and greases is required. We recommend the Abbey silicone dropper oil and Abbey silicone grease.
  • Lots of metal parts including the inner and outer barrel, sling mounts, trigger and trigger guard, side mount, magazine release, internal parts and magazine components.
  • The receiver cover and selector lever are made of pressed steel, just like the real thing.
  • Equipped with an enhanced buttstock that allows you to change the length of the stock with 6 unique positions. The stock is also foldable to the right side of the SBS.
  • The top of the handguard is equipped with a mount rail that functions as a front/rear sight. In addition, various optical sights can be installed by attaching the separately sold "Side Lock Mount Rail for AK74" to the side rail equipped on the receiver.
  • Ships with a new, larger 90rd magazine in a resin case. Temperature indicator on the internal gas tank face shows when the magazine gets too cold for use.
  • Triple hop-up system (fixed) allows for excellent range from all 3 BBs.
  • Note that the Saiga series does not have the same range as a typical AR platform GBBR, 25-30 metres is about the norm. Rate of fire is also lower and performance is optimal when fired at 20C or greater.
  • Fires at: 280fps
  • Weighs: 3.48kg
  • Length: 490-675-755mm

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