Tokyo Marui MK46 Mod.0 Recoil Shock

SKU 4952839176288
  • The most amazing airsoft gun ever created by the world's top airsoft gun manufacturer, Tokyo Marui.
  • A Recoil Shock variant of the MK46 Mod.0 light support gun.
  • Includes the gun itself, a high quality rifle carry bag, bipod, drum magazine, dummy bullets and links.
  • Shoot & Recoil System : The "Recoil Shock" system provides an impressive recoil and imitates the cycling bolt action on every shot. The MK46 is equipped with a system that stops the gun from shooting once the magazine is empty to increase reality and functions of the replica.
  • Box Type Magazine : A 1000 round box magazine is included with the MK46. The BBs are electronically fed into the replica via the autowinding box magazine. Takes 4x AAA batteries.
  • Muzzle Options : The flash hider is attached to a 14mm CCW thread, which can be removed for silencer attachment.
  • Accessories : A realistic, folding bipod is included. The MK46 ships inside a quality canvas bag, with full internal padding and support for the M249 shape.
  • FET System : The FET system protects the switch from heavy use. It also prevents the replica from shooting when the barrel is disassembled, when the top cover is opened, when magazine is empty and when battery is low. 
  • Adjustable Sights : The rear sight is adjustable in the same way as the real MK46 (left/right & up/down). The front sight is also elevation adjustable
  • Removable Barrel : In order to set the battery the user has to remove the barrel. The removable outer barrel allows an easy access to the inner barrel which is a two part barrel.
  • The second part of the inner barrel and the hop up chamber remains inside the MK46.
  • Belt Link Function : A fake cartridge belt comes out from the box magazine and can be set once the upper cover of the MK46 is open, just like the real thing. The belt will vibrate during shooting imitating the belt feeding of the machine gun.

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