BTech FRS-A1 - 2 Pack Camo Walkie Talkies

by Baofeng
SKU 850004124277
  • FRS Walkie Talkies with Dual Watch — The FRS-A1 are license free FRS (Family Radio Service) walkie talkies programmed with all 22 FRS channels used by FRS radios. All 22 FRS Channels are pre-programmed and able to be customized for your unique application needs. The radios support all 260 DCS and CTCSS privacy tones (up to 5720 channel combinations) making them compatible with any other FRS radio. The FRS-A1 includes dual watch capabilities meaning, it can easily monitor two different channels.
  • Full Alpha-numeric display, Customizable, and Simple Operation —- The FRS-A1 is designed to be easily customized. You can simply rename channels instead of using generic channel names or numbers. With the full alpha numeric display, there is no ambiguous channel numbers or guessing going on – you can precisely know which channel and tone is in use.
  • Rugged and Versatile — The FRS-A1 is IP54 weather resistant, meaning it can reasonably be used in all weather situations. The FRS-A1 can be charged easily with any USB-C cable . The docking station can also charge backup batteries without the radios present. The FRS-A1 allows quick monitoring of all traffic on a channel with the monitor key (no matter what privacy tone is in use), and also includes a built-in flashlight and built-in FM radio.
  • Long Range + NOAA Radio — The FRS-A1 uses the maximum allowed power output for all FRS radios. Some brands advertise a 36 mile range based on power output (2W), but in real world situations the FRS-A1 will transmit up to 3-8 miles in unobstructed terrain. The FRS-A1 includes a built-in pre-programmed NOAA receiver and is able to toggle to hear NOAA forecasts and alerts.
  • Kenwood compatible.
  • Dimensions: 125x55x28mm (Main Body Excluding Antenna)
  • Weight: x1 Radio - 130g (Battery Included)
  • Colour: Camo

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