DYE Proto Switch FS Goggle with Thermal Lens - Black

by DYE
SKU 40020001-T
  • A thermal paintball goggle offering plenty of protection, a long list of features and thermal anti-fog lenses all from a legendary name doesn’t have to be expensive!
  • The Dye Proto Switch FS Goggle system offers plenty of face, forehead and ear protection along with a thermal anti-fog lens that is quickly and easily removed for cleaning or replacement.
  • Comfortable, protective, attractive and built by Dye, one of paintball’s legendary brands, players can enjoy all the performance, function and comfort of Dye goggles.
  • The Switch eye protection system is revolutionary in it's design and performance. The patent pending 1/4 turn snap lock system is fast & secure, making lens cleaning and changing simple.
  • The outer frame holds the lens in place with no extruding edge or protruding tabs; just clean looking style.
  • The inner frame structure provides a secure platform for the lens and frame to compress together, giving stability under the most severe of impacts.
  • The split frame and lens is secured in place by right and left locking tabs. Once assembled, the split frame system holds your lens securely into place while providing comfort & style.
  • The Switch FS System comes standard with an advanced toroidal anti-fog clear lens and co-molded combination density mask for flex under play.
  • The multi-ported earpiece allows unrestricted audible transfer to take place without sacrificing and ear protection and provides total comfort with two-later foam.
  • Ballistic woven, silicon backed strap is designed to be adjusted to fit your head and stay there.
  • Sleek adjustable shade visor comes as standard.
  • Black in colour.

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