Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle.50AE Hard Kick - Black

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  • One of the most sought after GBB replicas on the airsoft market, the Marui Desert Eagle is one of the most impressive airsoft pistols you are likely to shoot.
  • Made primarily from super-high quality ABS plastic with many metal parts.
  • Slide and frame have a realistic matt finish and looks extremely convincing.
  • Lots of metal parts including the hammer, trigger, front and rear sights, slide release, safety and magazine.
  • Features Marui's 'Hard Kick' technology which gives the pistol an incredibly strong blowback recoil, especially considering this pistol is green gas only and not CO2 compatible.
  • As this is a Marui pistol, it is incredibly accurate over range and will give most AEGs a run for their money.
  • Working safety catch and slide lock.  
  • Full metal magazine holds 27 rounds
  • Takes standard 134a gas or green gas, but works best on green gas in temperatures above ten Celsius.
  • Adjustable hop-up unit is located forward of the BB chamber and has very intricate adjustments.
  • Despite being predominantly ABS, this pistol weighs in at over 1100g. It even weighs more than the full metal KWC model!
  • Very gas efficient due to the clever use of plastic and the light slide construction.
  • Powerful recoil springs give the slide a strong tension when racked.
  • A truely unique piece.
  • Black in colour.
  • Additional magazines available here.
  • Fires at: 310fps
  • Weighs: 1110g
  • Length: 270mm

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