Tokyo Marui Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

SKU 4952839140340
  • Marui's latest gas-powered shotgun is based upon Kel-Tec's KSG shotgun and has the ability to fire either three or six BBs at the same time through its three separate internal barrels.
  • Cycling the pump chambers either three or six BBs from the removable shell. Much like Marui's M870 range, this is selectable via a small lever.
  • The gun holds two shells but can only load one shell at a time. Ships with one shell on purchase.
  • The gas is stored in a removable gas cartridge stored in the stock of the gun. Green gas gives the best performance.
  • Additional gas tanks are also sold separately. 
  • Picatinny rails are located on the top and bottom of the gun and allow the mounting of foregrips, laser, flashlights, scopes etc.
  • Flip-up iron sights can be found on the top of the shotgun, which can be folded away if used in conjunction with an optic.
  • Cheek rests are also situated on both sides of the stock.
  • Refillable gas tank is also accessible from the back of the stock once the butt plate has been removed. 
  • Additional shells available here or here.
  • Extra tanks available here.

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