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  • *A Grade Condition* - Rifle as new, some small cosmetic marks around fire selector, dust cover button, handguard lever and flashider.
  • The new RK-74 CQB AK by G&G is possibly one of the best AK variants they've made to date. With tactical rails, retractable stock and all the accouterments of the modern AK, this AEG is a game changer. 
  • The new RK series have a host of new impressive features that sets them apart from all other AK types on the market today.
  • Externally they're kitted out with full metal receivers, retractable M4-style stock, ambidextrous charging handle, and CNC aluminum rail systems. 
  • Internally they are complimented with 6.03mm tightbore inner barrels, integrated MOSFETS and electronic trigger units (ETU).
  • One of the rifles most impressive features is its inclusion of the MOSFET and ETU System, designed to improve the efficiency and response of the rifle and also allows the full auto mode to be reprogrammed to three round burst.
  • The rifle features a KeyMod / 20mm RIS / RAS Hybrid Handguard, with side KeyMod panels and top and bottom 20mm RIS RAS rails, giving you access to a huge variety of aftermarket grips, bipods, launchers.
  • The top of the receiver features a 7'' 20mm RIS / RAS Rail allowing large sight or scope setups to be attached.
  • The dust cover folds upwards to reveal the battery compartment which holds stick style LiPo batteries with a mini-Tamiya Connector.
  • The magazine that comes with the gun is the new RK 74 type which has the option of placing realistic stickers internally to mimic real rounds.
  • The charging handle can be locked back by moving the selector up, making it very easy to adjust the hop unit.
  • The stock which comes with the rifle is G&G's latest GOS-V2 M4 Stock, which features a battery storage compartment and rubberized butt plate to prevent slippage.
  • Features G&G's reliable V3 gearbox with 9mm stainless steel bearings.
  • The top cover is removable via the latch at the rear.
  • Adjustable hop-up behind movable bolt.
  • Extra magazines available here.
  • 7.4v batteries available here, and 11.1v batteries available here.
  • Charger here.
  • Fires at: 300fps
  • Weighs: 2.95kg
  • Length: 690mm
  • Battery: 7.4V or 11.1V LiPo (Not Included)
  • Charger: Not included

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