Abbey Predator Mini Ultra - 270ml

by Abbey
SKU gas_abbeymini
  • An incredibly handy pocket-sized canister of Abbey Predator Ultra gas.
  • Perfect for carrying out on the field with you in a vest pocket/pouch etc.
  • This mini sized canister is only 195mm high yet still holds a respectable 270ml of gas, good for about 250 shots from a GBB pistol.
  • Extremely lightweight too, coming in at only 188g.
  • Essentially Abbey's green gas formulation with high peformance lubricant added. 
  • Commonly known as "green gas", which is refined propane.
  • For use in virtually all GBB pistols and gas rifles.
  • Best used in temperatures over 10*C.
  • We are unable to ship gas outside of the EU.


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