AIM-O G33 3x Magnifier - Black

by AIM-O
SKU 21045
  • This x3 times magnifier from AIM-O is a great way to add magnification to your existing dot sight.
  • Mounts to any standard 20mm rail with the quick detach latch.  
  • Features full lateral and vertical adjustment so you can line the magnifier up with your dot sight.
  • Includes an additional riser mount which allows raise the magnifier and extra few millimetres to account for different scopes and dot sights.
  • The magnifier can also be removed from the mount via two screws and flipped around, this allows it to be used by left or right handed users.
  • A rear focus adjuster helps you to adjust the focus of the magnifier.
  • The flip to side system is used to rotate the magnifier 90 degrees to the side, simply flip it down to the side where it will lock in place. To restore, simply flip it back into position where it locks securely in place.
  • Please note that magnifiers often need adjustment to align with other optics, this is can be a tricky procedure so if it doubt please contact us.
  • Black in colour.
  • AO5348-BK

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