Airsoftology "Frenchie" Paratrooper French Bulldog Patch

SKU 33950
  • Ready to jump at a moment's notice, the Paratrooper French Bulldog has no fear of heights.
  • Descending from the sky, "Frenchie" is a seasoned expert with all the essential equipment.
  • The Paratrooper French Bulldog PVC Morale Patch is made of durable rubber.
  • "Frenchie" is hook-backed so you can attach it to any loop or fuzzy surfaces like a car headliner, trunk liner, or your favorite patch wall, and measures 95mm x 80mm.
  • The patch is made from PVC in a 3D style which provides a nice contoured look.
  • Great for applying to tactical vests or chest rigs.
  • Perfect to add a little edge to your patrol cap, boonie hat, Assault pack, fleece/softshell or jacket.
  • T.4.B.0

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