Airtech Studios Spring Guide Shims (FPS Adjuster) Set of 4 - 11mm Inner Diameter

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  • Universal Spring Shims are used to alter the power of your AEG according to how much power you are looking for. 

  • The shims are designed to slide onto the spring guide inside the gearbox to create tension in the existing spring. The more shims the more tension and more power. 
  • 4 shims of various sizes are included to fine-tune to the desired power you require. 
  • Shim 1 - Increase by 5 FPS
  • Shim 2 - Increase by 10 FPS
  • Shim 3 - Increase by 15 FPS
  • Shim 4 -  Increase by 20 FPS
  • The shims are designed to be of various sizes that can be combined to tailor the FPS output.
  • Please adhere to the power (Joules/FPS) of your local laws and game site. Test incrementally how many shims you need for the required power required.
  • 11mm inner diameter, designed to fit standard AEG spring guides from brands such as Krytac, VFC, ASG etc.

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