Airtech Studios TDC Advanced RHOP Arm - Tokyo Marui Style M4 Chamber

  • This R-HOP arm is designed to be a drop-in upgrade for a TDC (top-down-centre) evenly forced pressure set up.

  • Inspired by the self-leveling nub feature found on the Maxx brands for the Silverback SRS hop-up.

  • Features:

  • Perfect Self-Leveling TDC Top-down-centre force applied evenly on the R-Hop patch.

  • No need for modifying the stock arm and adding M-nub.

  • Easy drop-in with no modifications required.

  • M-nub provides an even distribution of force applied across the whole surface of the R-Hop patch.

  • Tough Polycarbonate Construction.

  • Compatible on all M4 original type "3 Gear" hop-up unit chambers.

  • For R-hop to function perfectly, the patch, arm, and barrel are only one part of accuracy, using high-quality ammo, a good compression system, Inner barrel stabilization, and keeping the barrel clean are also important parts of the total ultimate accuracy equation.

  • Compatibility: 

  • All TM styled standard 3 gear Hop-up chambers,G&G, Lonex, G&P, Airsoft Pro, Tokyo Marui.

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