Airtech Studios TDC Trolley for ER-Hop & M-nub (6mm Length) - MAXX Hop-Up

  • The TDC (Top Down Centre) Trolley is designed for the Maxx Hop-up chambers to incorporate the traditional usage of M-nubs which works perfectly with the ER-Hop (elongated R-hop patches, typically of 6mm in length for long-distance shots). The longer patch would achieve an improvement in accuracy and consistency from shot to shot, typically for sniper DMR builds.
  • The M-nub ensures an evenly distributed force applied onto the bucking down to the RHOP patch. This in turn ensures the patch can maximize its appliance on the BB for the most stable and uniform spin for the much desired R-hop performance.
  • The Maxx Trolley works in unison with the Flat-hop and Maple Leaf Super Macaron MR-Hops.
  • Features:
  • Modifications on the slide bars on each side compared to the original. This ensures a tighter fit onto the chamber to achieve an absolute Top-down-center push of force onto the R-hop patch while preventing any tilting.
  • The overall contact area has been extended to 6mm to cover most hop-up windows. This ensures all areas of the ER-hop patch are equally pushed down. In addition, this covers more of the chamber window for an increased air seal.
  • 3M adhesive incorporated at back on the M-nub for an optimum contact on the Trolley foot. This is a strong bond, however, is flexible and may be unstocked to be re-applied.
  • Modified Maxx Trolley with ER-M-nub for Stable Performance.
  • - Elongated Trolley (6mm) for the ER-RHOP builds to fully distribute a Uniform Force on the ER-HOP patch
  • Radiused Curved Edges on the new M-Nub to Sync with the Maxx Hop-up’s Window.
  • Fully Increase Accuracy and Consistency.
  • Tough Polycarbonate Construction
  •  The TDC trolley is compatible with all M4 and Scar Maxx Hop-up chambers listed below.
  • Compatibility:
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME - PRO & SPORT
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber MI - PRO & SPORT
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber SV - VFC SCAR-L/H
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME - Umbrella Armory Ver.
  • MAXX CNC Aluminum Hop-up Chamber ME - EMG & Specna Arms Ver.
  • * Please note the Maxx hop-up chamber is not included - this is a specific TDC trolley upgrade made FOR the Maxx Chamber*

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