Amomax BB Portable Storage Pouch - 3000 BBs

by Amomax
  • This collapsible container can hold 3000 BBs and is extremely handy for pouring BBs into high capacity magazines or speed loaders.
  • Allows you also to carry bbs on your person and not make as much noise as a plastic bottle or container.
  • Also benefits from being much more secure than a bag of bbs as they can be prone to opening and spilling.
  • Max belt size is 2", also compatible with molle for attachment to vests, battle belts etc.
  • Pouring spout is opened by rotating the cap and securely clicks open and closed.
  • The cap is removable to pour in bbs, a small implement may be needed to leverage this as it is quite tight to lift by hand. 
  • Soft nylon material for quick physical load checks.
  • Full size: 250mm.
  • Folded size: 135m.
  • Black in colour.

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