Angry Gun Enhanced Drop In Adjustable MPA Nozzle Set (Gen 2) for Marui MWS

SKU AG-20190901G2
  • Designed for the Tokyo Marui MWS GBBR System 
  • Super high quality materials as you would expect from Angry Gun.
  • Adjustable FPS system to fine tune your Marui GBBR.
  • Simply insert the included allen key through the front of the nozzle and rotate according to the directions show to adjust fps.
  • Instructions:
  • The nozzle typically produces around 200fps out of the packet, with a 0.2g BB and standard green gas.
  • Insert the included allen key into the gas output hole on the end of the nozzle, until it contacts the silver hex grub screw inside.
  • Turn the screw anti-clockwise to increase the power. As a reference, turning approx 360 degrees (one full rotation) in this direction produces approximately 328fps with a 0.2g BB (1 joule) with standard green gas.
  • We recommend adjusting in small 90 degee increments to achieve the desired power output, as each unit can have the screw positioned slightly differently.
  • Turning the screw clockwise reduces the power output.
  • DO NOT rotate the screw in multiple 360 degree rotations, as you risk damaging the unit or detaching the screw from the nozzle.

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