Angry Gun QD Suppressor & Flash Hider for Marui MP7

  • One of the highest quality suppressors we have ever seen, the Angry Gun MP7 units are incredible well made with a beautiful slick black satin finish.
  • Also includes a high quality steel MP7 flash hider.
  • Whilst the silencer does attach (loosely) to the factory Marui flash hider, we recommend the use of the included flash hider as the fit is rock solid.
  • Spring loaded release mechanism, just push the large circular ring at the back of the silencer to the side and you can release from the flash hider.
  • Suppressor measures 223mm x 38mm.
  • End caps can be unscrewed to allow access to the internals.
  • The silencer is empty, no foam included.
  • Sports authentic looking 4.6mmx30 caliber markings.
  • Fits both the GBB and AEP versions of the MP7.
  • Weighs approx. 360g.

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