APS Thor Power Up 40mm Grenade Launcher

by APS
SKU 30394
  • The APS THOR Grenade Launcher is made from insanely lightweight Polymer that clocks in at only 400g total. Somehow, they have managed to make it surprisingly tough at the same time, with no flex present at all when it is closed.
  • The Firing Pin in this Launcher is incredibly strong and hits with a consistent force, as opposed to traditional Launchers where the user is forcing the Firing Pin into the back of the MOSCART.
  • This Launcher works on a Hammer system, and will hit with the same force each time, which is very handy for CO2 shells which may have been too strong for other Launchers.
  • Externally, this Launcher features top and bottom 20mm Rails for you to add attachments, and create the ultimate unholy monstrosity to terrorise your local Airsoft field with. At the back of the Launcher you will notice an Alloy lug, which is used to Holster the Launcher on a belt system with the included Retention Holster.
  • This Holster is a small device that sits on your Belt and interacts with the lug on the Launcher to hold it in place until you want to release it. The Launcher will also rotate freely in Holster, allowing you to perform some blindingly-quick hipfires. Inside the Trigger sits an Alloy Safety Pin which can be pushed through to prevent the Trigger from firing, should you not trust yourself to keep your booger-hooks off the bang switch.
  • The Pistol Grip seems to be a standard GBB grip, meaning it can be replaced with aftermarket AR GBB Pistol Grips, should you wish to spice up the externals.
  • The Launcher is loaded by pressing the release inside the Trigger Guard to pop the tube out. Slide your MOSCART in place, close the tube and lift the 'Bolt' to cock the Shotgun. To fire the Shotgun, the Lever/Bolt must be in UP position, which doubles up as a Fire-Status Indicator, letting you know when the Launcher is ready to fire.
  • No grenade is included.


  • Airsoft Grenade Launcher
  • Lever Action Design
  • Fire-Status Indicator
  • Super Compact Design
  • Very Lightweight
  • Easy to Carry
  • Top & Bottom 20mm Rails
  • Retention Holster Included
  • Spring-Release Tube
  • Trigger Lock Safety
  • Removable Pistol Grip
  • Compatible w/ TAG Rounds
  • Fires 40mm MOSCARTs
  • Very Strong Firing Pin / Hammer

Package Includes

  • APS THOR Power Up 40mm Handheld Grenade Launcher
  • Belt Mountable Retention Holster

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