ASG 1Ah Basic Smart Charger for 4.8V/7.2V/8.4V/9.6V Batteries

by ASG
SKU 17621
  • This is the best value smart charger we stock.
  • Charges all 4.8V/7.2V/8.4V/9.6V NiCd or NiMH battery packs.
  • Note: You will need this adapter to charge large-type batteries (charger only has a small Tamiya conenctor).
  • Automatically detects when battery is charged, switching to trickle charge. 
  • The LED is red during charging and turns green when fully charged.
  • 240V Mains (UK 3-pin plug)
  • 1000mA charging output current.
  • Automatic battery voltage detection
  • As an example, this charger will charge a 1600mAh battery in 1.6 hours.

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