ASG 360rd AEG M4 Flash Magazine - Black

by ASG
SKU 17556
  • One of the best innovations in Airsoft, is this Hi-cap magazine where the ratchet spring is wound up by a pull-cord in mere seconds, getting the magazine loaded and ready in a flash.
  • Magazine holds a high capacity 360rds.
  • The internal mechanism is very similar to the traditional winding design with one exception. Instead of an external wheel to painstakingly wind, the base has a hatch that swings open to gain access to a pull-tab.
  • By pulling down on the tab and drawing out the pull-string, the string unwinds revolving the wheel, allowing you to wind up the magazine in one quick movement.
  • Now, instead of winding one tiny turn at a time, you can pull the chord and prep your magazine in seconds.
  • Full metal construction.
  • Weighs a considerable amount for a high capacity magazine, coming in at 228g.
  • Slightly longer than regular M4 magazines.
  • Black in colour.

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