ASG 6" Schofield - Aging Black & Wooden Grip

by ASG
SKU 19303
  • Carried by the hardened gunfighter!
  • Own a piece of firearm history, the CO2 powered Schofield pistol from ASG is an ultra-realistic replica of the famed revolver used by many of the great gunmen of the Old West.
  • The dummy cartridges, each holding a single BB, are fully removable and loadable into the cylinder.
  • The revolver functions just like the real gun including the ejector that quickly ejects the spent cases to allow for a fast reload.
  • Once you activate the latch that doubles as the rear sight and "break" the gun open, the ejector lifts the shell casings from each chamber, making them far easier to remove and replace.
  • Complete with a rough and distressed finish for that antique look.
  • Imitation wood grips. The left side grip is fully removable exposing the CO2 chamber. Insert a 12g CO2 cartridge (not included) and tighten the lower screw with the included allen tool located on the inside of the grip.
  • Load a BB into each shell and you are ready to go!
  • The range and accuracy is not the same as a standard semi-auto pistol with a hop-up system, but it still reaches out accurately to 25+ metres.
  • Power is approx 280fps.
  • Does not accept standard Dan Wesson shells, only accepts Schofield specific shells.
  • Fits the Dan Wesson 6-8" holster here.
  • Fires at: 280fps
  • Weighs: 1035g
  • Length: 320mm


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