ASG Ultimate MP5 Series Gearbox- M100

by ASG
SKU 16590
  • A high speed gearbox for MP5.
  • M100 Spring produces approx 350 fps.
  • With an ULTIMATE® complete gearbox you can make a perfect upgrade by doing a simple gearbox-exchange.
  • The gearboxes can also be reconfigured by the numerous alternative ULTIMATE® upgrade parts and/or be adapted to other AEG models.
  • Typically an exchange of a few parts like cylinder, nozzle or trigger will be sufficient for the 4 standard gearboxes from ULTIMATE® to cover the AEG’s that use version 2 gearboxes.
  • The ULTIMATE® Upgrade Series complete gearboxes are assembled by skilled technicians to ensure that the tolerance of the mechanical parts is balanced to minimize friction.
  • High-strength casting materials with chromium plating.
  • All parts are made of reinforced material to secure the best performance and durability.
  • All gearboxes come with a unique serial number.

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