ASG CZ Scorpion EVO 3 2020 Revision - Combo Deal

by ASG
SKU 17832bundle
  • A sensational value for money combination deal!
  • Note that the 2020 revision is still the latest and most up to date model from ASG for 2022.  If you intend to use a lot of full auto or burst fire, we recommend against using the 11.1V battery and to choose a 9.9V Li-Fe battery.
  • The deal includes the ASG CZ EVO 3 Scorpion 2020 Revision model, 11.1V 1500mAh 15C deans battery, triple pack of 75rd magazines and an EVO 3 carry bag, all for only €449.99! Save €57.97!
  • Li-po battery chargers are available here if you do not already have one.
  • You can view the ASG EVO 3 2020 Revision model here, the battery here, the magazines here and the carry bag here.
  • These new 2020 revision models come with deans connection as standard. 
  • NOTE: Because the included battery has a deans connector, it is important to make sure your charger has the correct connection to charge the battery. Some chargers allow you to charge the battery with just the balance lead connected (like the Vapex charger, recommended).
  • Some chargers require both the balance lead and the power lead to be connected (like the ASG 1-3A charger, more features) but you will need a small male tamiya to male deans adapter to connect the EVO battery.

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