ASG Dan Wesson 715 2.5" Revolver - Steel Grey

by ASG
SKU 18613
  • The most anticipated range of revolvers for years, the new ASG Dan Wesson 715 models are finally here!
  • Building on the reliability and performance of the standard Dan Wesson range, the 715 is heavier, beefier and more accurate than previous models.
  • This is the 2.5" barrel model, which has a great squared-off look and phenomenal steel grey finish.
  • ".357 MAGNUM" laser engraved markings on the right side of the barrel.
  • An exceptionally heavy piece, coming in at 1kg!
  • The cylinder release latch is now located forward of the cylinder for quick operation.
  • Red and white dots on the right side of the frame indicate the two modes of safe and not safe.
  • Plastic grips are done away with and replaced with higher quality and more ergonomic rubberised Hogue grips.
  • To insert a CO2 cartridge, simply pull the left side of the grip away from the right side, exposing the CO2 chamber.
  • Using the integrated allen key located inside the removed half of the grip, undo the allen screw at the bottom of the chamber enough so that you can insert a 12g CO2 cartridge. Tighten the screw to break the seal and reinstall the grip. The pistol is then ready to shoot.
  • The revolver ships with six full-sized metal shells which are completely removable. Each shell holds a single BB.
  • Pulling the trigger cycles the cylinder counter-clockwise, with CO2 forcing the BB down the barrel. 
  • These new 715 models now come with an adjustable hop-up rubber. Simply insert the included allen key into the small screw located on the top of the revolver to adjust backspin.
  • Each trigger pull cycles the hammer and produces a loud satisfying "phat" noise with each shot. The 715s are notably louder than previous models!
  • Includes six shells as well as a six shot speed loader for the shells.
  • Additional shells are available here, speed loaders here, speed loader pouches here and holsters here. Proprietary rail system available soon.
  • A fantastic pistol for the collectors and players alike.
  • A note on power: These "1 joule" versions of the Dan Wessons have factory-modified shells to reduce their power output. As a result, the pistols produce a relatively low 180-200fps giving comparatively poorer range than more powerful semi-automatics. The restricter in the shells can be modified to increase the power closer to one joule, however power becomes inconsistent and we could not guarantee sub 1 joule power output. Altering shells or using more powerful shells is done entirely at your own risk and is not recommended from a legal standpoint. We view these pistols in their "1 joule" form as more for collectors and plinkers than for proper long range skirmishing.
  • Fires at: 200fps
  • Weighs: 1kg
  • Length: 210mm

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