ASG Franchi SAS 12 Tactical Shotgun - Full Size

by ASG
SKU 16061
  • A great value, quality pump-action shotgun from ASG.
  • Made primarily from sturdy ABS plastic with lots of metal parts, but weighs in at a respectable 2.19kg.
  • The entire outer barrel and dummy shell storage tube are of full metal construction.
  • Both the pump handle and pistol grip have a rubberised finish that gives fantastic grip and is very comfortable to hold and shoot.
  • Shotgun includes 4 shells which each take 30 rounds giving total capacity of 120 BBs!
  • A release button to the right of the trigger guard flips the shell storage door open allowing a single shell to be inserted.
  • The SAS 12 features 3 seperate internal barrels allowing three BBs to be fired at once!
  • Pull back the pump handle to chamber three BBs. Pulling the trigger propels all three BBs down the full length 19.5" barrel.
  • Working safety located in the rear of the trigger guard directly blocks the trigger.
  • Front and rear sling mount attachments allow the use of the included basic sling.
  • Features a rubberised buttplate for optimum shooting comfort.
  • The SAS 12 has a very respectable range, managing a 12" grouping at 40ft, perfect for CQB engagement.
  • Box also includes a removable comfortable stock cover that doubles as both a soft cheek-piece and shell storage holder allowing the attachment of four additional shells. Also includes a 90rdBB loader and cleaning rod.
  • Fires at: 295-320fps
  • Weighs: 2.19kg
  • Length: 1040mm

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