by ASG
SKU 15257
  • A great value starter rifle from ASG. Based upon the G36C, the DLV36 model includes a battery & charger, front foregrip, scope, flashlight, sling, safety glasses and silencer. 
  • Has both semi-automatic and full-automatic modes.
  • Made primarily of ABS plastic.
  • Kit includes a working red dot scope, battery included (installs under the top adjustment dial cap).
  • Also includes a working detachable flashlight, AAA batteries included.
  • 48rd magazine included.
  • Adjustable hop-up is located on the right side of the gun above the magazine well.
  • Offers very respectable performance considering the price. Shoots at approx 110fps.
  • Charge time from empty is 2 hours max.
  • Included free battery and charger are not covered under warranty. Note that the included charger is not a smart charger and will not automatically turn off when the battery is charged. Overcharging the battery can damage the battery and/or charger.
  • Fantastic price!
  • We recommend this gun for fun target shooting up to approx 15-20 metres. Not suitable for skirmishing or long-term, heavy use due to the lighter weight components and limited power output. Does not accept standard AEG G36 magazines or parts.
  • Fires at: 110fps
  • Weighs: 1.7kg
  • Length: 883mm
  • Battery: 7.2V NiMH 500mAh (Included)
  • Charger: 200mAh (included, EU adapter required)

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