ASG (B&T) GL-06 Grenade Launcher - Black

by ASG
SKU 17002
  • This stand alone grenade launcher from ASG is an incredible piece of kit that oozes quality.
  • The entire grenade barrel and upper 20mm rail is full metal construction, and the lower receiver and stock is a very heavy polymer.
  • Sports genuine B&T trademarks on the lower receiver and comes in at 590mm in length.
  • Features an abundance of metal 20mm rails on the fore-end, located on the underside and the left & right sides of the launcher.
  • The included foregrip attaches to the lower 20mm rail and has a quick release clasp.
  • The pistol grip is contoured making it very comfortable to hold. The trigger is made from the same solid polymer and is a joy to pull back as it tilts downwards with a satisfying click.
  • The barrel release is located inside the trigger guard and once depressed hinges the barrel upwards allowing the insertion of any standard M203 40mm grenade.
  • Folding stock locks onto the front 20mm rail and safety button is located on the rear of the polymer upper receiver.
  • Rear sling mounts are built into the stock and upper receiver.
  • Pull the trigger with a loaded grenade inserted and you will be greeted with a very loud bang and a cloud of green gas!
  • A very cool piece of kit.
  • Weighs in at a very hefty 2.1kg unloaded.
  • Black in colour.

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