ASG Hybrid Series H-15 CQB

by ASG
SKU 20024
  • The start of ASG's one-of-a-kind Hybrid series, the H-15 brings the same stand-out performance of the legendary Scorpion EVO to the most popular platform in airsoft. Using the same tried and tested internals in a new imposing assault rifle body creates a unique high-performance rifle.
  • This rifle has been built with a mixture of metal and polymer components, just like the real assault rifle.
  • The pistol-grip, collapsible buttstock and magazine of this rifle are formed from high-strength polymer while all the other components, from the handguard to the trigger and receiver are cut from durable aluminium.
  • Focusing even more on these components, the H-15 features an array of high-end pieces including a HERA ARMS CCS buttstock, PTS EPG-C pistol grip and a Retro Arms trigger.
  • Furthermore, this unique rifle features a custom M-Rail handguard allowing the user to attach accessories to really make it their own.
  • The gun H-15 also ships with a midcap magazine with a capacity of 180 rounds.
  • Focusing on the inside of the rifle, it comes with all the great internals of the EVO with some amazing pieces of its own.
  • This includes an electronic trigger unit with integrated Mosfet, which allows the user to program the replica’s firing modes.
  • The H-15 has four distinct modes: safe, full-auto, burst fire and single fire. The ECU also provides cycle detection with pre-cocking and smart, self-adjusting Active Break.
  • It also includes a quick-change spring guide, accessible through the buffer tube, a T-plug battery connector and a rotary hop-up unit.
  • The battery compartment is essentially inside the buffer tube, so a slim Stick-type Li-Po battery must be used.
  • These components deliver the tried, tested and beloved performance of the EVO within an all-new stunning new body of an AR, thereby putting the Hybrid in H-15.
  • Use the slick handguard to mount all your accessories, the threaded barrel to mount any muzzle device, or use the included flash-hider and attach a QD B.E.T. to truly make it your own.
  • ASG are proud to provide the airsoft community with this all new AEG which delivers fantastic performance in a stellar new body and announce the start of their new Hybrid series!
  • Features:
    EVO performance in an AR body (using proven internals from the EVO)
    HERA ARMS CCS buttstock
    PTS EPG-C pistol grip
    ASG Custom M-Rail handguard
    Retro Arms trigger
    Electronic trigger unit
    Quick change spring guide
    Rotary hop-up unit
    Collapsible butt stock
    Flash hider included in the box
  • Fires at: 285fps
  • Weighs: 2.30kg
  • Length: 660-750mm
  • Battery: 7.4V/11.1V Li-Po Stick (LP301D or 19365) (not included)
  • Charger: Not included

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