ICS-190 GLM Grenade Launcher - Black

by ICS
SKU 17339
  • The ICS GLM Six Barrel Grenade Launcher, is perfect for those who want to rain down 100's of BB on their enemies at once!
  • The launcher can hold up to 6 grenades (not included) and is perfect for clearing rooms. 
  • The launcher itself is semi-automatic and fires as fast as you can pull the trigger! 
  • The front of the launcher has an upper, two side and a lower RIS rail, allowing you to attach a range of accessories, such as torches / lasers / fore grips! 
  • The stock can also be adjusted up or down to compensate for firing at long distances, it has 6 lengths and 3 angles which it can be adjusted to!
  • Made from industrial high strength polymer.
  • Includes quick slide on grip.
  • Black in colour.

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