ASG Tactical LED Flashlight/Laser Unit

by ASG
SKU 15927
  • This combined flashlight/laser unit is compact in size and attaches to any 20mm rail with its quick release tabs.
  • This is a relatively heavy unit coming in at 122g with no batteries installed. The head of the unit is full metal whilst the body is tough ABS plastic.
  • The flashlight is comprised of six high-output LEDs, arranged in a circular patter around the laser unit which is located in the centre.
  • You can cycles between either laser or flashlight mode, or opt to have both on at the same time.
  • Powered by x3 AAA batteries (not included).
  • The laser output is adjustable on horizontal and vertical axis via the included allen key and two allen screws located on the head of the flashlight unit.
  • Perfect for any rifle/submachinegun or large-framed pistol (like 1911, M9A1 etc, Glock 17 etc).
  • 96x41x42mm dimensions.
  • This is a Class 2 laser device.

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