Tokyo Marui MK23 - Full Kit

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  • An absolute must for the covert player, the MK23 from Tokyo Marui is incredibly quiet for a gas powered pistol.
  • The fixed slide design (non-blowback) allows this pistol to achieve excellent gas efficiency, with well over 70 shots from a single charge of gas.
  • Comes bundled with a 200mm metal, detacheable SOCOM silencer that genuinely deadens the sound of the pistol, making it perfect for covert use. Comes with genuine marking stamped on the outside.
  • The pistol is made mostly from high quality heavyweight ABS plastic, with a metal barrel, trigger, magazine release, slide release and rear safety.
  • Fixed slide action means that there is no cycling of the slide, but the hammer does cock and release as you pull the trigger for each shot.
  • The slide can still be pulled back and released for effect if required.
  • Full metal 28 round removable magazine included.
  • The full kit includes a heavy duty tough ABS pistol case with a hard styrofoam insert which holds all the pistol components individually.
  • The silencer contains several layers of foam inside that has a genuine sound-suppression effect.
  • Adjustable hop-up dial located inside the slide (slide removal necessary).
  • Huge imposing size with a 427mm length with the silencer attached. Weighs in at 860g combined.
  • The slide release is actually the primary safety catch; push it up to engage.
  • A secondary safety is located on the rear of the frame and can only be activated when the hammer is cocked.
  • Green gas is recommended for best performance, but also works with lower pressure gas quite well due to the lack of blowback.
  • The included LAM unit takes AAA batteries which powers the LED bulb.
  • Fires at: 290fps (green)
  • Weighs: 860g
  • Length: 427mm

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