ASG 20mm Universal Auto-Retract Bipod - Nylon

by ASG
SKU 18076
  • A very cool, lightweight bipod with auto retract function.
  • Once the legs are full extended, simply activate the button on each leg and the extended section will retract back in a split second making the bipod super compact.
  • Designed to fit a standard 20mm picatinny rail.
  • Due to the lightweight fiber polymer construction, no significant weight will be added to the gun, making it ideal for all types of game play.
  • The bipod attaches to the rail with a quick detach push button system allowing for fast on-off or repositioning on the rail.
  • The legs can be extended in 6 positions. Adjusting the leg length is fast and easy, either pull to desired position or press the lock button for a stealthy deployment.
  • The legs can be locked in position via a lock screw, ideal for snipers who need reliable support.

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